Vampyre’s Last Kiss.

Esmerelda looked out the window. It was a cold night, and a fight was coming her way. She sensed the hunter turned wolf was in her vicinity. Turning slowly, she let her ruby, silk robe slide down her pale, slender arms. The feeling was quite erotic. She laughed quietly to herself. He was on his way.

Bursting through the door, Adrian rushed in with the cold wind, extinguishing the candles. The wind howled, and her wicked laughter radiated across his hot skin. She slowly appeared before him, long legs leading to a toned torso, perfect breasts, full lips and animalistic eyes. She was a beast, even more so than he. And he was her prey.

Slowly, seductively, she crossed the stone floor to where he stood.  Licking her lips, she removed his rough overcoat.  Her hands grazed his strong arms as she slid the cloth from his arms, igniting liquid fire in her secret place. Lightly, she kissed him, teasing, she licked his lip, asking for entrance. He obliged, but for a moment, only.

“Adrian….Take me.” She said huskily.

Adrian resisted, then threw her into the wall. The crash sounded painful. He relished her pain. To him, that was the greatest pleasure. Taking out a wooden stake, he drove it through her hands, pinning her to the wall. Her back arched, and she half moaned, half screamed in ecstasy.  His claws elongated, and he ripped them over her lace corset, leaving long cuts on her body.

“Yes…Just like that! Take me! Hurt me!”

Her goading worked. He ripped off his shirt, revealing his holy tattoos, showing her his secrets. He pressed against her, kissing her roughly, his tongue invading her mouth, rendering her helpless to him, squirming and wet. She surrendered completely to him, her body molten against his hardened physique.

He licked her nipples, lightly biting them, then suckled her. Going down lower, he kissed her navel, kissed his way to the outside of her hip and bit her, bringing blood. Her gasp told him she was enjoying herself immensely. Spreading her lips with his fingers, he licked her, tasting her, teasing her.

His tongue flicked into her, then slowly licked up to her spot. She moaned, practically purring, wanting him so bad it hurt. He continued to lick and tease until she was at her peak, then backed off, took off his pants. His member was proud, erect, and waiting to enter her. He pulled her legs around him, then slowly slid into her.

It was heaven. Her silken folds tightened, and brought him in deeper. He started to thrust, slowly, then quickening the pace. She was pleading with him, bucking wildly with him, needing him more than anything. He threw his head back, howled as the moon drifted through the clouds.

Then, suddenly, he ripped the stake out of  her hands, and took her to the stone altar. Laying her down, he thrusted into her, and bit into her neck, ripping her skin, veins and tendons.

Their bodies reached harmony, climaxing together, her body jerked up, and she bit him full in the neck. The pain urged him on, made him kill her. At last, after this long journey, he could kill his greatest enemy.

“I….Adrian Techor….of the Holy Warriors…..Banish you, Esmerelda Tzae’kon…To the true afterlife!….Burn in hell, Vampyre!”

Plunging the stake through her chest, he watched the red fade from her eyes, and her body disintegrate. Pulling the stake from the stone altar, he licked the blood off.

Pulling his clothes on, he walked away. A holy Lycan, On the hunt to erase every Vampyre from Earth. He just hoped they were ready.


~ by dcreature93 on August 17, 2011.

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