One of My Pet Peeves.

Okay, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but here we go. Let me tell you a story, a story of a pale, short, frustrated girl.

May, 2 2011    6:40 A.M.  My boyfriend of two years and eight months calls me. I told him to wake me up early so I could actually make an effort to dress like a girl should. The outfit I chose is cute. Dark blue skinny jeans with a white fade, white sandals that had a flower in the middle(which Terrence bought for me) a black and white striped top under a see through grey stretch top. (He also bought that.)

I get to school and the morning is slow to start. I apply makeup in the cafeteria, listen to jokes, eat breakfast. The same old, same old.

I get to first block and I watch Shrek and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Coat with Caleb, listen to parodies, talk to Heather, then we break for second block. Not much there, just a writing assignment and jokes, again.

We go to third, then to lunch. And this is where my annoyance meter completely breaks due to fake whores that run their over-active mouth of indulgence and dick.

As I sat at the lunch table next to Heather, across from Natasha, and Patrick sits across from Heather. Think of us like the connect four pieces. We’re sitting there, having a normal conversation. And then we start talking about a pageant that recently took place.

“I mean, I think she’s pretty, but her spray tan is too much. I mean, I know I’m ugly, but if your kinda pale, or if you have a tan, and you try to tan even more to make yourself even prettier, it just makes you ugly.” At least that’s how I see it.

A split second after I say this, a voice pipes in. It’s the mousy girl that sits on the left of Natasha. Thank you Lord, I’m so glad there is a split in between the tables.

Immediately, she and her other friend, who sits on the left of me, start to bitch.

The mousy girl starts first. She recently got a spray tan and looks like a horse shit on her face. I never really paid attention to her, but her annoying voice always grated on me.

“So, just because I got a spray tan, I’m ugly?” She’s thinking she’s hot.

Her friend speaks up, “I think we look just fine. I mean, I think that she should go get a spray tan. At least then she’d be presentable and I could at least stand looking at her.”

They went on like that for a few minutes, but I lost my ability to think straight. I was pissed. With a capital P. I didn’t see why they had to talk shit about me  when I wasn’t even remotely talking about them. I finally noticed the horrid tans they had, noticed them, noticed their ugly faces.

Heather and I left for class, I was fuming. I decided that if they had the nerve to talk badly about me, I could do the same to them. And I know what I say when I say it.

Such humans that do idiot shit for no reason, other than they think they’re cool, are a waste of skin. They’re just sacs ready to burst open and show the world all of their piss and shit and blood. I really hate these whores. And I don’t even know the names of these people.

Well, this has been my pet peeve. It’s really ignorant to try to impose when you’re not needed.


~ by dcreature93 on May 2, 2011.

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