A Normal Saturday.

Every Saturday I go to Terrence’s house. We usually just hang out. I watch him play video games and he makes fun of me for being a dork. We eat noodles. Unless were in the mood for something really good. We’ll watch T.V. together, and sometimes we’ll fall asleep as well. I love waking up and not knowing why I’m not in my room and then I’ll realize I’m with my best friend. But then there are the times where we argue, we don’t speak to another, he’ll immerse himself in a game and I’ll  cry quietly to myself. But that’s not a big deal anymore though, and things are getting happier for me. I hope it will stay this way. We’ll have the odd, outrageous conversations most people don’t even want to think about. But I’m closer to him than I’ve ever been with anyone else…So I guess that’s my day. I just hate it sooo much when my parents call and tell me they’re on there way to get me. I wish they would forget me so I could stay the night.

But that’s just hopeful thinking. Or dreaming.


~ by dcreature93 on August 28, 2010.

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